news | 2021-09-30
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Welcome to Mistra SafeChem's programme conference 2021

The Mistra SafeChem programme started in June 2020 and now we can finally invite you to our first conference. The plan is to meet in Stockholm at the end of November.

At the conference, we will present and discuss our results so far and our plans for the coming years. We will also show how we work to establish cooperation in the programme, both between different scientific disciplines and with the industry partners. The aim is to ensure a focus on safety and sustainability in chemical value chains.

And most importantly, we want to provide you with an opportunity to meet and discuss green and sustainable chemistry, establish new contacts and perhaps initiate a continued dialogue and cooperation with Mistra SafeChem.

A conference in two steps

On the first day of the conference, November 22, all of you not involved in Mistra SafeChem are welcome to take part together with the participants of the programme.

The programme partners will continue with an internal conference on November 23.

The conference will be held at Sheraton Stockholm Hotel and is free of charge. A more detailed agenda will be provided soon.

Details for registration

External participants: November 22, from 13 to 18 o'clock. Please use this link for registration. Opens in new window.

Internal participants: November 22, 13 o'clock, to November 23, 13 o'clock. Please use this link for registration. External link, opens in new window.